New to YouTube live?

Let Community Research guide you through the process!

Congratulations!  You’ve signed up to a Community Research webinar.  Ka rawe!

It’s a good idea to familiarise yourself with this well in advance of the webinar.  This will make your on-the-day experience as stress-free as possible!

What to expect in a YouTube Live Stream

It’s simple!  It looks and feels a lot like a Skype call, only in this case you’re watching a live, producer-controlled broadcast.  Here’s how it will look:


Prepare for the Live Stream

There are three steps before you start:

  1. Check your technical setup in advance
  2. Log on to Twitter or our Facebook page, to chat with us online or just chat with us via the live chat fuction on YouTube
  3. Bring one question you’re currently grappling with for the presenter

Checking your technical setup in advance

You’re advised to test your setup well in advance of the webinar.

Try any high definition video (like this one).  Check the sound and picture.   Any stutters or jerks probably mean there’s a problem with your internet connection, or maybe that your computer can’t keep up.   Try connecting your device to the internet using an ethernet cable.

Google’s suggested minimum technical requirements are listed in this link.  If you have access needs (e.g. if you are unable to use a mouse, or require an interpreter) please check this link.

During the webinar: How to ask questions and chat

You can:

  • text 022 419 4304
  • chat with us on our Live Stream page (this will be the link you are given to watch the webinar)
  • tweet us at @GoodResearch
  • follow the chat on Facebook

Joining the webinar

One day before the event you’ll be sent a link to watch the live event on Youtube.  Depending on your computer’s settings, a new window will open and you’ll see a box similar to the one below.


Any other problems?

We will provide what technical assistance we can or direct you to the FAQ pages on the Google Hangouts Help website so you are able to troubleshoot in real time.