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About our Webinar

Community Research webinars are live events, linking up community sector professionals from multiple locations to share their expertise, and to share evidence of what’s working.  

This 30-minute, interactive ‘seminar at your desk’ will take place on Google Hangouts on Air.  Places are free of charge. There will be opportunities to ask questions of the presenters as we go.

Please feel free to chat below:

Anonymous7: G'day - David watching
Anonymous8: Hi Sarah in
Admin: Heya - wrong link - so I'll try adding it now
Anonymous8: Just checked this, the embedded link is working.
Anonymous8: Quite pixelated though, especially when you change to full screen
Admin: yep took me a second to find the link silly
Admin: yeah I can't get the proper link
Anonymous8: Admin = Lasa?
Admin: sorry yes - ME LASA crazy
Anonymous8: Cool. Sarah = Anonymous8. Badass
Anonymous594: yo
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