Kuhu mai

Kataraina Pipi talks about Kuhu Mai

Co-chair Kataraina Pipi

Kataraina Pipi

Kuhu Mai is a Community Research, Tangata Whenua caucus project.  It is the term we use to describe a “welcome – come on in” type of invitation to all Māori who have an interest in research.

Community Research is a place where we can find and upload research that is of interest to the Māori community.  Research is happening in many different ways and in many different places throughout Aotearoa..

How are we defining research?

Some people think that research is the domain of academics.  It is something that is only done by people with qualifications who have skills in searching and finding information from a range of sources, and then have the ability to reproduce that information in academic form.

As we know, research happens daily – we are all involved in research of some form or other – if research is about finding out stuff – then we all do that in our own ways.

When we talk about research in Māori forums, we often use the term rangahau.  The Ngata Māori Dictionary defines rangahau as follows: 1. (verb) (-a,-tia) to seek, search out, pursue, research, investigate. 2. (noun) research, survey.

Whether it is research in the formal or informal sense, or rangahau type activities you are involved in, we would love to know about it.

We are also interested in broadening the representation we currently have involved in our tangata whenua caucus of the Tangata Whenua, Community and Voluntary Sector Research Centre – the umbrella group for this website and many other community research activities.  So, if you have an interest in working with us, let us know by contacting us here.  We all make a voluntary commitment to this kaupapa and would value your contributions.

Kataraina Pipi