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A wordle, depiciting our most significant outcomes - Survey 2015


 'Being able to see my work in the context of the broader community sector has been validating and inspiring.'

We asked the people who are working to make change in Aotearoa: what has been the most significant impact of Community Research/Whānau Ora Research on you or your organisation?

They told us we provided inspiration, hope and personal encouragement, and we enabled better standard-setting and knowledge of effective models for improvement

Read the whole survey here.

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Research can contribute to positive changes within our communities; it’s about ensuring Māori realities such as mātauranga, te reo me ona tikanga have the same validity as the non Māori counterparts ... More here

Code of Practice

The Code of Practice provides researchers and communities with a shared frame of reference, benchmark standards and principles, and a useful checklist. A great way to start a research relationship ... More here



Creative Commons Licences Translated into Te Reo Māori

Creative Commons Aotearoa New Zealand have released the draft translation of the Creative Commons 4.0 licences into te re Māori for consultation. The Creative Commons licences are free legal tools that anyone can use to share their copyright works more openly. The licences allow rights holders to release their work into the commons under a […]